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Knee Decompression

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Back to Health now offers Knee Decompression for Knee Pain!

One of the most common reasons why people visit medical providers is knee pain. A knee injury can be serious and could include a bone fracture, a muscle strain, or even a ligament sprain. When someone has a knee injury, they might find it hard to walk, run, participate in sports, or take the stairs. While there are multiple treatment options available, one is called knee decompression therapy. Knee decompression therapy at Back to Health can be used to help people recover with minimal side effects and few complications.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Knee Decompression Therapy?

There are several conditions that can be treated using knee decompression. Some of the most common conditions covered by knee decompression treatment include: General Knee Pain: Many people have knee pain that stems from general wear and tears instead of an acute knee injury. This discomfort might stem from bones, muscles, and ligaments that are simply too close to one another. This is where knee decompression can help.

Arthritis: This is a chronic medical condition that results from inflammation that spreads to the joints, destroying cartilage in the process. This can lead to inflammation and knee pain that can be treated using knee decompression treatment.

Sprains and Strains: Garden variety muscle strains and ligament sprains can take place while playing sports, following an auto accident, or even due to a slip and fall injury. Knee decompression treatment can address these types of injuries.

Knee Degeneration: Different from an acute knee injury, knee degeneration takes place over time as bony surfaces degrade and cartilage starts to disappear. With the help of a medical professional, knee decompression can be used to help people who suffer from this condition as well.




 How Does Knee Decompression Work?

Knee decompression treatment leverages a novel knee decompression machine. This is a non-invasive knee pain therapy that can help those who suffer from both acute and chronic knee pain. Mechanical traction is applied to the knee to help reduce pain.

The goal of this decompression machine is to increase the amount of space between muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This allows the bones and joints to heal by reducing inflammation in this area. As a result, people who suffer from knee pain following a knee injury can find pain relief.

What are the Benefits of Knee Decompression Treatments?

There are a few benefits that come from knee decompression treatments. These include:

1. Reducing inflammation throughout the knee, providing pain relief while reducing swelling.

2. Allowing the knee to rehydrate, which is an important part of the recovery process for cells and tissues in this area.

3. Increasing the flexibility and range of motion in the knee, allowing people to walk and run more easily following knee decompression treatment.

4. Expediting the healing process, helping people recover from acute injuries more quickly.

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