Neck Pain

Wondering how to get rid of neck pain? We offer the latest regenerative medicine treatments to rebuild and renew the tissues in your neck and heal your pain. Our doctor has helped many patients find all-natural pain relief from chronic neck issues.

Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain symptoms are wide-ranging. You could have stiffness, tingling, spasms, numbness, and lack of mobility. Traditional approaches to pain relief, such as heating, icing, and over-the-counter medication, only address your symptoms, not the root cause. Once these treatments wear off, your sore neck often returns, leading many people to pursue surgery.

Non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments and other natural

therapies offered at our Charleston, Illinois clinic can be used to heal a range of neck problems like headaches, a pinched nerve, and more.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment

Regenerative Cell Therapy

Our treatments containing stem cells leverage your body’s ability to regenerate certain types of tissue. When stem cells are injected into your cervical spine, they search for damaged cells and begin the repair process.

At our clinic, we use amniotic fluid-derived regenerative cells and injections containing mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical allografts. These cells contain growth factors or have a the ability to transform into new much-needed cells, such as nerve, muscle, or bone. We target the pain in your neck with these young, healthy cells. These cells have the ability to heal, rebuilding damaged tissue and generating new cells.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

PRP captures the biological growth factors in your blood to heal pain symptoms. During a procedure done in our office, we draw a blood sample and process it to separate your blood platelets from the other components. This solution is injected into your cervical spine so that the healing properties can be delivered to neck sooner. PRP is made from your blood, so there’s no need to worry about side effects or adverse reactions.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for pain relief may involve using instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy to treat muscle tension in your neck. Another chiropractic treatment uses manual joint stretching, resistance adjustments, and therapeutic massage to relax your tense neck muscles and help reduce your pain.

Trigger Point Injections

If you have trigger points or muscle knots in your neck, a trigger point injection involves injecting a natural compound directly into the knot for fast, effective tension and pain relief.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy treats damaged neck tissues—muscle, tendon, nerve, and more—with light energy to stimulate circulation and facilitate effective repair.


Neck Pain Causes

Injury, arthritis, and disc degeneration can cause neck pain. Issues are wide-ranging and may include:

  • Trauma from a car accident
  • Sleeping in an awkward position
  • A sprain or a strain
  • Diseases of the joint and spine
  • Sitting incorrectly for long hours

If you are looking for non-surgical, long lasting relief for neck pain in Charleston, Champaign, Mattoon, Effingham or any nearby city in Illinois, call us today at (217) 645-7105 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our clinic offers regenerative medicine treatments to treat a spectrum of pain symptoms.