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Success Stories

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– Dr. Charlie Schuster

Spinal Decompression Success Stories


“I can do just about anything that I wish to do now, including walking the dog 1.5 miles daily, without pain.”

— Lillian G.

“The adjustments on my back and knee have dramatically inproved the quality of my life. Over the course of my visits, Dr. Schuster has addressed and improved other previously undiagnosed health conditions ~ Now I feel substantially better! Highly recommended!”

— Alex O.

“I rarely experience pain anymore. Since I have been to Dr. Schuster, I have not taken any more medications (pain killers) and my class grades have gone up since I can actually sit through class now.”

— Ashley C.

“There’s been dramatic change once I started coming to the chiropractor, no lower back pain, and I am back to my daily routine without pain..”

— Michael N.

“My major complaint was extreme lower back pain. Prior to seeing Dr. Schuster, I saw two other chiropractors. It bothered me for years, only effecting me when playing sports. Now my back feels much better and is allowing me to pitch and play softball with much less pain.”

— Karyn M.

“I had shin splints, low back pain, and headaches. I had problems concentrating and this was affecting my game (basketball). My problems have now all been helped. My life was affected by getting the orthotics that helped my posture and ended my shin issues.”

— Krystal G.

“My back pain has been reduced greatly. It’s easier to sit/stand straight. My balance when standing has been improved from the orthotics, and my TMJ (lock jaw) is not as bad as it used to be.”

— Lizzie P.

“I had severe pain in my lower neckand upper back. I asked around and decided to go to Dr. Schuster. Dr. Schuster and the girls did an amazing job! My neck went from about 69% range of motion to 100% +! I do not think my neck would have felt this great had it not been for S.A.S.T.M. If you are affraid of S.A.S.T.M., DON’T BE! It is a phenomenal procedure! I’d have it done very morning if I could!”

— Kyle B.

“Extremely helpful! I have more movement in my back and neck due to “Heather’s purple tools” (S.A.S.T.M.) and Dr. Schuster’s adjustments. My headaches are much less frequent.”

— Kelli P.

“I was walking past his office and my legs would not let me go any further. I walked in and asked for help and he took care of me right away even though they were about to close for the day. My whole body feels much better (since chiropractic care). I have been able to cut down on my pain meds. I can go bowling again. I have more mobility in my right leg. The vitamins he suggested have also helped my overall health.”

— Martha M.

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