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What exactly is cold laser?

Hot Laser is for precision surgery and Cold Laser is for precision healing.  In other words, Cold Laser does not generate enough power to cause heat and therefore make incisions or otherwise physically alter tissue.  Every cell in our body has a photoreceptor and when light is put into the cell it activates these receptors, which in turn cause ATP or energy to be created in that cell.  Cells especially need energy when they are trying to function properly and when we are injured or have pain, cells do not work right.  While inflammation does serve as a way of telling the brain that healing is needed, too much of it is harmful to the healing process.  This is where our patients really love Cold Laser because it helps alleviate pain and swelling better than ice and begins the healing process to boot!  It’s safe to say that I’m very excited about this new healing.  In fact,  the term photoceuticals is now an actual word thanks to Cold Laser.  Just say NO to pharmaceuticals and say hello to photoceuticals.  No harmful side effects, quick pain relief, and fast healing.  It’s really a great tool to have in a natural pain management clinic!

For what ailments do you find Cold Laser most helpful?

We use it mostly for pain and inflammation but it actually works differently than pain killers or other medications designed to dull the pain or sweep it under the carpet.  Cold Laser actually stimulates the cells to produce energy.  In other words, heal.  In one study with plantar fasciitis patients, (the painful condition that affects people usually in the 30’s or older who get out of bed and feel suddenly like they are walking on nails) patients who received Cold Laser continued to heal even after treatments were complete and this make sense because when cells work the way they are supposed to, the body heals.  So yes, we use it for any muscle or joint that is sore.  It is FDA approved for low back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel but it can be used for everything from a sore or injured muscle, elbow, thumb or finger, knee, hip… the list is pretty extensive but basically if you want it healed, it can help.

What are the potential side effects of Cold Laser?

Other than exposure to the retina, there really are no side effects.  Once in awhile, a patient might report that they had a little uptick in pain for an hour or two before they had relief but almost always, relief is felt instantly following treatment.  I never get tired of seeing the surprised expressions of relief when patients tell me they are feeling little or no pain after a treatment.

Since this is relatively new technology, is it recognized or approved for insurance?

I guess you could say it is relatively new but insurances often calls something “new” for 10 years or more before they approve it.  Right now, there is a “T” on the insurance procedural code that stands for temporary because it is thought to be covered soon.  Of course, it is so inexpensive that most insurances would likely prefer not to incur the expense of paying a claim.  A treatment is only $35.00 in our office and is less than a copay for an office visits in most instances.


Is there a way to try this Cold Laser for myself?

Yes there is! Give us a call and we’ll schedule your consultation. We really do want to help people avoid harmful medications.  Call our clinic at 217.345.9600 or schedule online.

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